How to Create a Menu Item in Joomla


How to Create a Menu Item in Joomla
This article contains two parts:


  • Creating Menu Items
  • Create Menu Modules


 Creating a Menu Item


  1. Login to the back end of your Joomla site. If you need help logging into your back end you can go here: How do I access the back end of my Joomla site?
  2. Go to Menus > Menu Manager and click on the Menu Items tab.
  3. Click on New and select a Menu Item Type (see image below) that you would like to add.
    •   Menu Item Types
  4. For example if you want the link to go to a page of articles from a specific category in blog format select: Articles - Category Blog. Next input a Menu Title and the Category in the required settings panel to the right of the menu item details you would like displayed for this menu item. In this example I will choose un-categorized so the page will have all articles that are in un-categorized in a blog format(see image below).
    • Menu Items- Setup
  5. The last required field is the Menu Location. If you have multiple menus you will need to choose the appropriate menu. If you only have one menu leave it as the Main Menu.
  6. Click Save & Close.

Creating a Menu Module


  1. Go to Menus > Menu Manager and click on the Menus tab.
  2. In the column "Modules Linked to the Menu" click on the link Add a Module for this menu type. This will open up the Module Manager: Module Menu page.
  3. Input a title for this new module menu.
  4. Choose a position to display the module menu. Refer to the KB article: How to Check the Module Positions for a Joomla Template
  5. Under Basic Options double check to make sure the selected menu is the one you want.
  6. Click Save & Close


If you created the menu, the menu item and the menu module you should be able to see it on the front end of your site now. The most common reason the menu item does not appear is because the menu module was not assigned to an appropriate module position of your template.

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