How to Find Your Public IP

This article explains how to find your public IP address that your Internet Service Provider provides
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Please note: Most if not all ISPs will provide a dynamic IP address, this type of an IP address will renew based on your ISP's configuration. Some ISP's do offer static IPs for an additional fee, please contact your ISP if this is possible
Finding your public IP address
This can be done a few different ways, you can simply do one of the following:
  1. Google search "whats my IP" (without the quotes)
    • Note: Depending on your ISP you may get an IPv6 or an IPv4
      • IPv6 Example:
      • IPv4 Example:
    • Example of Google search results with your public IP:

  2. There are other resources to find your public IP. Simply going to the websites listed below will provide you your public IP:

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