Upcoming Migration: FAQ and Finding Your Nameserver Records

This article will discuss the US-based shared hosting migration beginning on June 4th, 2020, the Managed.com / PowerDNN nameserver DNS records for use in our shared hosting environment, how to check your publicly reported DNS, and answers a few common questions regarding the impact of the migration.

Will this migration have any impact on me or my Managed.com services?

Your site and services are being migrated to a newer, more secure environment. The assigned IP address will be changing as part of these migrations. This will affect your site and services if you are not using Managed.com as your authoritative DNS nameserver. For example, if you manage your DNS at the registrar where the domain was purchased, and use their nameserver records you are not using Managed.com as your authoritative nameserver.
This will cause an issue because the DNS will not update automatically with the new IP address.
If you are using the Managed.com nameservers your DNS records will be updated automatically and as a result, you should see minimal downtime.

What are the Managed.com / PowerDNN nameserver records?

Our nameserver records are as follows:

  • NSA.powerdnn.com
  • NSB.powerdnn.com
Please see the article How to Bring Your Site Live with Managed.com for additional information.

How do I find out what my current nameserver (NS) records are?

The easiest method of finding out what your currently reported DNS records are is to use one of many publicly available utilities, such as intodns.com or whatsmydns.net. You can visit one of these utilities and simply enter the domain name of the domain you are concerned with. In the case of utilities like whatsmydns.net, you may need to choose a DNS record type (you will want to choose NS for the purposes of this article). Below is an example:

What do I need to do if I am not using the Managed.com nameservers?

In this case, you have two options to prepare your DNS for the server migration. You can update your nameserver (NS) records to use ours as outlined above, or you will need to manually update your DNS records to point to the new IP address just before or during the scheduled maintenance. Managed.com will be communicating the new IP address to you using your email address on file, approximately 2 weeks before the scheduled migration.
Many sites will simply need to have the A Record updated, but we recommend you check for any other record that may be pointing to your old IP address. As mentioned, you will want to make this change just ahead of or during the scheduled maintenance window to reduce any downtime that might occur due to waiting on DNS propagation.
For any other questions or concerns, please contact the Managed.com Support team via phone (1-877-743-8366) or ticket submission.

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