How to Manage Menu Items in Joomla

How to Manage Menu Items in Joomla

Menus are the navigational framework but without menu items there wouldn't be pages on your Joomla site.

Go to Menus > Menu Manager-> Menu Manager and then click on the Menu Items tab.

Joomla menu items manager

New - Creates a new menu item.

Edit - Changes an existing menu item.

Publish/Unpublish - Changes the visibility status of a menu item.

Check in - Changes a menu item from checked out to check in to allow editing of the menu item.

Trash - Deletes the menu item.

Home - Sets a specific menu item as the home/landing page.

Rebuild - Recreates the menu items table in case of corruption.

Help - Opens the relevant help articles for the area of Joomla you are in.

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