How to Manage Menu Items in Joomla

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How to Manage Menu Items in Joomla

Menus are the navigational framework but without menu items there wouldn't be pages on your Joomla site.

Go to Menus > Menu Manager-> Menu Manager and then click on the Menu Items tab.

Joomla menu items manager

New - Creates a new menu item.

Edit - Changes an existing menu item.

Publish/Unpublish - Changes the visibility status of a menu item.

Check in - Changes a menu item from checked out to check in to allow editing of the menu item.

Trash - Deletes the menu item.

Home - Sets a specific menu item as the home/landing page.

Rebuild - Recreates the menu items table in case of corruption.

Help - Opens the relevant help articles for the area of Joomla you are in.

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