How to Point Your Domains NS Records at

Why Pointing your Name Server Records at is Beneficial
Pointing your NS (Name Server) Records to for your domain hosted on a shared server is beneficial to you, as it will allow you to manage your DNS for your domain, and any subdomains associated with it within your Control Panel, giving you a single location to manage both the functions and features of your site, and your DNS.
Occasionally there will also be a need to move your site between servers for network, software and system updates.  If your NS records are pointed at Name Servers, if this move is required it will ensure that the DNS transition between servers is smooth, and reduces downtime due to DNS propagation, or potential loss of data as the DNS is already managed within our Name Servers.  It will also remove any action needed to change DNS records (specifically IP addresses) at your registrar as the switch will be automatic.
As pointing your NS Records away from their current location will remove any existing DNS records under your domain, before making that change you will need to replicate records within the DNS Management page in the Control Panel.
If you do have any questions about the steps below, or questions about the process please contact our Support Department.
Changing DNS Records in your Control Panel
Performing these changes prior to pointing your NS records to will ensure you do not lose any existing DNS records you had in place.
  1. Log in to your Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Services section.
  3. Select the name of the Shared Service/Subscription you need to manage.
  4. Scroll down to the Hosting Information box and click on the Plesk icon to log into the server.
  5. Once logged in to the server, find the domain you need to manage and click on the DNS Settings option.
  6. Once on the DNS Settings page you will have the ability to add any DNS records that exist at your registrar (or where your DNS is currently managed).  We suggest having both your current and DNS settings up side by side to compare, and ensure that no records are missed.
  7. After all DNS records have been added or changes to existing records have been made you will have an orange bar along the top of your page to update the DNS Zone for your domain.  Click the Update button to save all your changes.
  8. Click the Websites and Domains menu option to take you back to your domains list to modify the DNS for any additional domains.
  9. The changes made to your DNS will be pushed to the Name Servers within 30 minutes, however they will not be used until your NS records are changed.
Changing your Name Server Records
Depending on your registrar these new NS records could take 30 - 60 minutes to update and push out to the internet, so your website/s may experience some intermittent down time after the NS Records have been updated, so we suggest making the change at a time that will minimize impact to your site visitors.
  1. Log in to your domain registrars Control Panel for managing DNS records for your domains. (Common domain registrars are; GoDaddyNetwork SolutionsEnom or NameCheap.)
  2. Locate the section on Name Server (NS Records).  This will vary depending on your registrar.
  3. Change the Name Server settings to use Custom NS records.
  4. Enter the following records into the Name Server settings.
  5. Save the new Name Server settings.
  6. When the changes have been updated with your registrar and pushed out (propagated) across the internet your DNS will be controlled at, and any future changes can be made in your Control Panel (as described above).

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