How to Update Your Payment Method has recently switched to use Braintree as our payment processor. This change has brought a simpler process for updating your payment information in your Control Panel. To update your payment information, follow the steps below.

How to Update Credit Card Information

  1. Login to your Control Panel by selecting LOGIN from the upper right corner of the homepage.
  2. Enter your login credentials (email and password for your account) and selecting Sign in.
  3. Select the Account tab.
  4. In the Billing Management group, select Payment Methods.
  5. To add a credit card, select New Payment method.
  6. Complete the required fields and then select Validate Card. Then select OK to complete adding the new payment method.
In order to help protect your account from expiring, we always recommend keeping a valid credit card on file. When you add a new credit card it will be marked by default as a credit card which may be used for future payments.
Your new payment method is now added.

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