How to Purchase Instant or EV SSL Certificates with

This article explains how to purchase a Sectigo Instant (Organization Validation) or Sectigo EV (Extended Validation) SSL certificate from For purchasing other SSL products, please see this article.
Please note: Any mention of Comodo in this article is now under Sectigo, however the process still remains the same
As part of the Sectigo validation process for these certificates, you will need to register your business or organization with the Dun & Bradstreet commercial database. Read the *Special Note* below prior to beginning this process. This is also recommended to be completed prior to submitting your SSL order, as it will expedite the validation process. You can register with Dun & Bradstreet at the following links:
Special Note: It is very important that the phone number used for your Dun & Bradstreet registration is a direct contact number, and does NOT go to a phone tree or answering service. Sectigo places an automated call to the registered phone number providing a verification code. This verification code is required to complete the SSL validation process.

Purchasing Your Certificate

You will need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to complete the steps outlined below. If you haven't already generated a CSR, please see the article How to Generate a CSR which describes that process.

Purchase an SSL from

  2. Log in to your Control Panel. If you are not a registered customer, you can access the Store here
  3. In the Categories section, click SSL Certificates

    1. While logged into the Client Area you can select Services > Order New Services

  4. Select Order Now, on the SSL product you wish to purchase. If you aren't sure which type of SSL you require, review our SSL Products and Pricing article for more information.

  5. On the Configure screen choose your billing cycle, Annually or Biennially, and select Continue
  6. On the Review & Checkout select Checkout to proceed to the checkout process
  7. On the Checkout screen, fill out any information requested, if you have logged into your account previously all the necessary information should be filled out.
  8. If you have a payment method on file you can use it will be used automatically in the Payment Details section, however, you will need to provide the CVV Security Number, if you want to use a new credit card select Enter New Card Information Below 

  9. After you have updated or selected your payment method select Complete Order to start the process for your SSL certificate
  10. Once you have paid and the order is processed you will recieve the following email to the email address you have on your account with the subject Your SSL Certificate - Enrollment steps:

    Please Note: You will want to follow the instructions in this email, will only process the SSL through your Control Panel, we do not provide AutoInstall SSL in cPanel

  11. The link that is provided in the email sent to you will take you to the Manage Product screen

  12. While still on the Manage Product screen scroll down and find the Generate Certificate section, this is where you provide your CSR that was generated previously.

    1. Additionally, you will need the following:
      1. Web server - Plesk

        Please Note: All shared and most dedicated servers run Plesk either on a Windows or Linux server, please be sure to select Plesk and only Plesk, if not we will not be able to process your SSL and you won't be able to install it on the server. If you are unsure please contact our support department
      2. Signature Algorithm - This will always be PREFER_SHA2
      3. The contact information should auto-fill based on your account information, if you need to make changes to this now is the time to do so for the SSL certificate
      4. You will also need to have the following information related to the *SPECIAL NOTE* above:
        1. Organization Information
          1. Legal Name
          2. D-U-N-S® Number
          3. Department/Division
          4. Address 1
          5. Address 2 (Optional)
          6. City
          7. State/Region
          8. Country
          9. Postal or Zip Code
          10. Phone Number

      5. Select Click to Continue to go to the next step
  13. On the next screen you will decide your domain verification steps, please read through the information presented to you carefully
    1. Our recommendation for domain validation is to use the File-Based Authentication
    2. For File-Based Authentication, please follow the steps outlined below:
      1. Select HTTP from the dropdown

      2. Select Click to Continue
      3. You will be presented with the following information:
        For File Based Authentication, Please create a folder structure "/.well-known/pki-validation/" under root directory and create file using following details or download the Authentication file by clicking the "Download Auth File" button and place it in the "/.well-known/pki-validation/" of the HTTP server, like so: http://<insert domain name here>/.well-known/pki-validation/<insert CSR hash here>.txt. 
        It may take some time for file to be automatically validated and cert to be issued by Certificate Authority
      4. Make sure that the folders/files are created with the information provided in the previous step, if this is done incorrectly your domain will not be validated. The simplest way of completing this is to FTP and create the directories and upload the Authfile by selecting the Download Authfile button

      5. Select Back to Client Area

        Please Note: If you have any redirects or rewrite rules this method will fail for DCV, if you need assistance with this please contact our support team to help with this
  14. After you have validated your request, you will need to wait on the final email providing you with your SSL certificate. The length of time is dependent on the SSL product purchased, but you can expect the Sectigo Essential SSL to be provided within 1-2 hours. Once you get back to the client area select your newly create Product/Service by selecting Active

  15. After you go into the product screen you will see the following information:

  16. Select Download Certificate to download your certificate in a zip file which includes the certificate itself and the CA certificates from Sectigo. An example of what your zip file will contain is below:

  17. If you did not pre-register with Dun & Bradstreet you will receive an email from Sectigo requesting that you do so in order to proceed with the verification process. Please refer to the Dun & Bradstreet information at the top of this article, paying particular attention to the Special Note. The email from Sectigo will look similar to the image below:

  19. Once the Dun & Bradstreet registration is complete or if you pre-registered, you should also receive a Callback email from Sectigo . It is very important that the phone number you provided in the Dun & Bradstreet registration goes to a live person who will be handling your SSL order process, as it is used by Sectigo to place an automated call providing a verification code. The Callback email will look similar to the image below:

  20. Once the domain validation, Dun & Bradstreet registration, and Callback verification is complete you will need to wait on the final email providing you with your SSL certificate. The length of time is dependent on the SSL product purchased (SSL Products and Pricing). The below example is for a Sectigo: Essential SSL, but the email you receive will look very similar:

  21. Once you have received the above email, your SSL purchase is complete!
Now that you have your SSL certificate, you will need to apply it to your site through your Control Panel. SSL Assist is included for customers purchasing an SSL from - please contact support by opening a ticket and attaching your new SSL. If you wish to apply the SSL certificate yourself, instructions for doing so can be found here: How to Apply an SSL Certificate in Plesk

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