Connect to VPN with CISCO AnyConnect

This article explains how to connect to your Private Cloud via VPN with CISCO AnyConnect.
This article assumes that you have CISCO AnyConnect downloaded and installed on your local Windows workstation/computer
Connecting to your VPN with CISCO AnyConnect
  1. From the Windows System Tray, you will see your icon to open CISCO AnyConnect, right-click on this and select Open AnyConnect

  2. From there the CISCO AnyConnect Client will launch a dialog box

  3. In the textbox you will use the IP address that was given to you for VPN access, if you require this please contact our support team to request this information, select Connect (see above)
  4. In cases where just installed or connecting the first time with CISCO AnyConnect, a window will pop up stating that the "Untrusted VPN Server Blocked!" this is normal in the Private Cloud environment. To remove this warning you can do the following:
    1. Select Change Setting...

    2. Uncheck the box labeled Block connections to untrusted servers (see below)

    3. Close the window to save the changes
    4. Reconnect to the VPN via CISCO AnyConnect
  5. ​You will be prompted about a security warning, simply select Connect Anyway

  6. You will be asked for your VPN credentials, enter your information to connect via the VPN tunnel
  7. When you are done with your VPN connection make sure you right-click on the system tray icon and select disconnect

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