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Below is a summary of SSL products and pricing available from If you are interested in purchasing SSL through please see How to Purchase an SSL Certificate with, or contact the Support Team.
  Essential Instant Essential Wildcard EV
(Extended Validation)
 Validation  Domain   Organization  Domain Extended Domain
 Green Bar - - - Yes -
 Domains  Secured Single Domain Single Domain Multiple Subdomains
Multiple Domains (3)
 Issuance 1-2 hours 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 1-2 Days 1-2 Days
 Validity 1-3 Years 1-3 Years 1-3 Years 1-2 Years 1 Year
 Pricing $30/yr $80/yr $120/yr $350/yr $210 + $60/additional domain

Comodo Essential SSL

The Essential SSL is a standard DV (domain-validated) certificate. A domain-validated certificate only includes your domain name in the certificate (no business or organization names).These certificates are verified by sending an automated email to an Approver Email Address under the domain requesting the SSL. They can be issued quickly and are cheaper, but provide less assurance to your customers. This certificate secures one domain (both WWW and non-WWW).

Comodo Instant (OV) SSL

The Instant SSL is an OV (Organization Validation), or "High Assurance" SSL certificate. With this type of validation, Certificate Authorities typically take further steps to contact the requesting organization and confirm that they requested the certificate, and that the requester was authorized to do so. Verification may include providing a DUNS number (, as well as registered phone verification. The issued certificate will contain the verified name of the organization, providing "instant" identity confirmation to an end-user. High assurance/OV certificates give a website a step up in credibility over a standard SSL certificate. This certificate secures one domain name (both WWW and non-WWW).

Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL

The Essential Wildcard SSL certificate can secure an unlimited number of first level sub domains on a single domain name. For example, you could get a wildcard certificate with * as the common name. This certificate would secure,,,,,, etc... In other words, it will work on any sub-domain that replaces the wildcard character (*). This certificate is a DV (domain-validated) certificate type.

Comodo EV (Extended Validation) SSL

The Extended Validation SSL certificate is the highest class of SSL currently available, and lends more credibility to your website compared to using an organization or domain validated SSL Certificate. It is designed to prevent phishing attacks. EV certificate requests undergo a much more rigorous validation process which can include the following:
    - Establishing the physical and legal existence of an organization
    - Verifying that the organization identity matches official records, such as business licensing
    - Confirming that the organization owns or has rights to use the domain in question
    - Confirming that the request was submitted by someone authorized to do so
Extended Validation certificates not only grant the 'Secured' green address bar, but includes the organization name directly in the bar. These indicators increase user trust in your website. This certificate secures one domain (both WWW and non-WWW). Example of an EV certificate:

Comodo UCC-DV (Multi-Domain) SSL

The UCC-DV Multi-Domain certificate is also commonly referred to as a SAN certificate. It allows you to secure 3 domains by default, with the ability to scale up to 100 domains on a single certificate. This is a DV (domain-validated) type certificate. If you wish to purchase this certificate, please contact the support team as some unique steps must be taken.
Please note: The Comodo UCC-DV (Multi-Domain) certificate does not automatically secure WWW versions of domains. They are considered individual domains for the purposes of this certificate. ie, If you want to secure both and, you need to request both.

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