How to Purchase an SSL Certificate with

This article explains how to purchase a Comodo Essential, Comodo Wildcard, or Multi-Domain SSL certificate from If you wish to purchase an Instant or Extended Validation certificate, please see this article.

Purchase an SSL from

You will need to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to complete the steps outlined below. If you haven't already generated a CSR, please see the article How to Generate a CSR which describes that process.
  1. Log in to your Control Panel. If you are already logged in, you can access the Store directly and skip to step #4.
  2. While logged in to the control panel, click the Account tab.

  3. In the Store section, click Buy SSL Certificate.

  4. Click on the SSL product you wish to purchase. If you aren't sure which type of SSL you require, review our SSL Products and Pricing article for more information. Note: If you wish to purchase the Comodo UCC-DV (Multi-Domain) certificate, please contact our support or sales team as these certificates are specialized and require additional validation steps.
  5. Fill out the necessary information on the product page that you selected.
     - Select the Subscription period (1 year, 2 years, etc).
     - Supply the CSR (Certificate Signing Request).
     - Select the Approver Email Address.*
     - Select the Server Software Type (select Plesk)
     - Fill in the Contact information.

    Please Note: The Approver Email Address is selected from a number of defaults. The address you select must be a valid, live email address. If none of the addresses available exist, you must create one to use for this process. This address is used to send a verification email which is required to proceed with the SSL provisioning. Please see this article for more information
  6. Proceed through Checkout.
  7. After your SSL order is complete, click on the Account tab, and then click on All My SSL Certificates under the Subscriptions section. You should be able to see your certificate order listed.

  8. At this point you will need to wait for the validation email that will be sent to the Approver Email Address that you selected during purchase. This email is sent shortly after your order is completed, but may take up to an hour. Once it is received, follow the link and supply the validation code provided in the email. Below is an example of the validation email.

  9. After you have validated your request, you will need to wait on the final email providing you with your SSL certificate. The length of time is dependent on the SSL product purchased, but you can expect the Comodo Essential SSL to be provided within 1-2 hours. Below is an example of the email providing your SSL certificate.

  10. Once you have received the above email, your SSL purchase is complete!
Now that you have your SSL certificate, you will need to apply it to your site through your Control Panel. SSL Assist is included for customers purchasing an SSL from - please contact support by opening a ticket and attaching your new SSL. If you wish to apply the SSL certificate yourself, instructions for doing so can be found here: How to Apply an SSL Certificate in Plesk

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