Cloning WordPress installs with Plesk Onyx

With the most recent update of the WordPress toolkit (2.0.1) Plesk has given the ability to clone your existing WordPress installs to a subdomain such as within your existing subscription.
This only works on Plesk Onyx in Windows and Linux.
The cloning tool will only work if your WordPress install is detected by the WordPress Toolkit.
To begin a clone of your WordPress install begin by doing the following:
  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Access your subscription
  3. While on the Websites & Domains tab select WordPress from the right side of the control panel window:

  4. When you access the WordPress toolkit you will see a screen similar to below:

  5. So you should see the Clone option within your installation select Clone to begin the cloning process

  6. By default the cloning process will create a subdomain within your existing subscription, if your hosting plan allows for multiple WordPress installs you will need to create the subscription prior to starting the cloning process.

    Please note: Going forward in this KB we will only show how to create a clone with a subdomain
  7. To begin the cloning process simply select OK

  8. You will see a screen queuing up the tasks to be completed:

  9. Once this process is you will be taking to the WordPress toolkit page showing the new installs information:

  10. You are now done with your clone, once you have updated your DNS for the you will now be able to access the site off the server. If you don't want to update your DNS you can simply update your local host file to access the site. If you want to have a temporary domain setup please contact the support team to help you with this.

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