SmarterMail and 3rd Party Email Security Services

Applies to: Windows Hosting Servers - SmarterMail currently offers a basic email service with spam and blacklist filtering. Depending on your needs you may find that additional spam filtering is required. does not currently offer additional spam filtering solutions, but many 3rd party email security services are available. While we cannot recommend any specific service, many options can be found via a quick online search. These services act as a 'gateway' for spam and malware detection before being passed on to the email servers.
When using these services email appears to come from the security service instead of the original sender. This will cause email bounce-backs for domains using strict SPF records. In order to avoid delivery issues, the sending IP addresses of the security service must be added to the Bypass Gateway section of your SmarterMail email server settings. This tells our mail server to ignore the security service IP address and look at the originating sender address.
If you are subscribing to a 3rd party email security service, you will need to follow these steps:
Note: Shared hosting customers must contact support to apply these settings.
  1. You will need to find the Gateway IP address(es) for your email security service of choice. They will typically be listed in your service providers' documentation section (often referencing Gmail), and can usually be found by typing Gateway as a keyword. Ignore any special instructions - you are only interested in the IP address(es) required.There are usually several IP addresses. Example:

    If you're unable to find the Gateway IP addresses, it will be best if you contact the service provider to provide those to you directly.
  2. Once you have the IP addresses you will need to log in to SmarterMail as the administrator to apply them. You can continue following the directions below, or you can submit a ticket to the Support team to apply these settings for you.
  3. Log in to SmarterMail and navigate to Security->Antispam Administration->Bypass Gateway (tab).

  4. Click Add IP.
  5. Add in the IP addresses that were provided to you using the IP Address field along with a Description. You will have to do this for each IP address that you were given. Unless the IP addresses are all sequential, DO NOT USE THE IP Range FIELD.

  6. Once you have added all of the IP addresses you were provided, you are done. Email should be received from your email security solution without SPF bounce issues.

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