Manage DNS with registered domain

This article is intended for advanced customers, to manage a domains DNS zone within the Control Panel.
By default our domain registration process creates a simple DNS zone template which is common with most domain registrars.

Example DNS Template
If you'd like to manage your DNS with us you can do the following to make changes to your DNS zone:
  1. Login to your Control Panel
  2. Select from the dropdown in the upper right corner: All My Domains

  3. Select the All My Domains tab

  4. Select the domain you wish to manage, keep in mind the one that is labeled Registration is a domain you have registered with

  5. Select the Name Servers tab to change your nameservers, if needed

    1. Managing the nameservers you can set a new nameservers or use the existing providers nameservers

    2. Select Save when you are done making changes
  6. If you want to manage the DNS Zone, select the DNS Zone tab

    1. If you don't have your domain attached to a shared hosting subscription you will need to update the DNS zone manually by selecting New Record

    2. When ever you make DNS changes assuming that you are using the providers nameservers you will need to go back to the Name Servers tab and select Synchronize with the Registrar


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