How to Run and Send a Trace Route in Windows

A Trace Route can provide information on the path of a network connection and where it may be failing and therefore can be a valuable tool in identifying network issues. To run a Trace Route and share it with, follow these steps:
  1. First, record your initial IP address. This can be learned by visiting
  2. Hit the Windows key and type cmd which will launch a Command Prompt window
  3. Type tracert followed by the domain you wish to check (Example: tracert then use your Enter key
  4. Let the Trace Route run until it completes
  5. Right-click inside the Command Prompt window and Select All
  6. Ctrl-c on your keyboard to copy the text
  7. Open a ticket with Include your initial IP address and Ctrl-v to paste the text from the Trace Route into the body and send

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