How to Edit the DNN Terms of Use

This article describes how to update the DNN terms of use on your DNN website
Please Note: The information in this article is written for the default DNN language pack of English US, other language packs installed will have slightly different steps involved in updating these settings
This article assumes that you are already logged into your DNN site with either a user with administrative rights and/or is a superuser (host) on the site as well. If you are looking for instructions on how to do this in DNN 7.x to DNN 8.x please click here
DNN 9.x and above (PersonaBar)
  1. Go to the Gear on the left side in the PersonaBar and select Site Settings

  2. Once the Site Settings tab opens, select the Languages tab

  3. Under the Languages section of the Languages tab, select the Translation button under the Add New Language option

  4. Select the Mode you wish to Edit there are three different modes:
    • Global - This will make changes to the entire site, if you are hosting portals (sites), you may not want to select this option unless you have a standardized Privacy Policy across all portals (sites)
    • Host - This will only make changes at the HOST level of a site, this one isn't use quite as often
    • My Website (Example) - This will update the portal (site) that you are administering at the time, this can be done on each portal individually this way

  5. On the Translate Resource File screen select the Resource File you wish to make changes to. For the purposes of this article we will be selecting Global Resources > GlobalResources

  6. Once you have selected the GlobalResources file to edit you you will want to use the Search function, under the Save Translation button, searching MESSAGE_PORTAL_TERMS.Text

  7. To edit the MESSAGE_PORTAL_TERMS.Text, select the pencil icon next to the Localized Value

  8. This will bring up an editor screen, when you are down making the changes select Save to save the changes to the privacy policy

  9. Once you are down making your changes select the Save Translation... button

  10. To view the finished update you can view the privacy policy by going to the follow URL for your website:
    HTTPS (SSL enabled):
    https://[insert your domain name here]/terms
    HTTP (Non-SSL):
    http://[insert your domain name here]/terms
    Please note: You will need to fill in your own domain name as listed above in the brackets [insert you domain name here]
  1. Go to Admin > Languages
  2. Select the edit (pencil) icon for the language you wish to edit this for
    • If you wish to edit the content for all portals, select the edit icon under Host
    • If you wish to edit this for the current portal only, select the edit icon under Site
  3. In the next window, use Control+F (Find) functionality to find "MESSAGE_PORTAL_TERMS"
  4. Modify the privacy policy using the textbox on the right side
  5. Once completed, scroll down and click Save Resource File

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