FAQ: How does the free development server program work with Managed.com?


Yes, developers can get a free dev server from Managed.com to do DIY and full development projects on — here's how it works

The Managed.com Free Development Server Program is a way to give back to the community of developers we have worked with for years. We know first-hand the difficulties and challenges that face today’s developers. That’s why we wanted to help out developers in a way that can truly make a difference.
Managed.com will provide a free development server to help you out. Use it for internal projects. Use it as a DIY development sandbox. Use it to develop a website for a client on and then show them exactly how it will perform in our hosting environment. Use it to float projects when they are in that dreaded limbo of “active-development-but-customer-has-not-yet-paid-for-it-I-really-hope-their-check-clears.”
Use it to make your development projects just a little easier.
Editor’s Note: Right now this program is an exclusive offering to people and companies who sponsor DNN Summit at the $299 or more level. If you would still like information on the program, but are not connected to the DNN Community, you may contact one of our reps at Sales@Managed.com for more information.

What’s the TL;DR on this program?

Just want the quick facts? Here’s how it works:
Sponsor DNN Summit at the $299 or more level and Managed.com will give you a free development server for up to one year.
·  Sponsor DNN Summit at $299 or more.
·  Choose a Windows or Linux environment.
·  Server specs match our Level 3 VPS plans.
·  Periodic account review to see how you are using your development server.
·  100% of your sponsorship money will go to the DNN Summit organization.

How do I get the free development server for sponsoring DNN Summit?

Just go to the DNN Summit sponsorship page and choose to sponsor the event at any level, with a minimum sponsorship package of $299 — the “Supporting Sponsor” level.
Fill out the sponsorship details in the form below on that page, and when you get to the “Additional Details” section, let them know that you would like to take part in the Free Development Server Program from Managed.com.
You can even just drop in this text if you want:
I’m excited to sponsor DNN Summit, and I would also like to take advantage of the Free Development Server Program from Managed.com.
The DNN Summit organizers will pass your information on to us, and one of our Senior Technology Consultants will contact you in the next couple of business days to get your free development server lined up.
It’s that simple.

Is the server really free?

We don't even require a credit card number to get your free development server set up. (You were going to ask that, weren't you?)

How much of my sponsorship money actually goes to DNN Summit?

All of it. One hundred percent of your sponsorship fees will go to the DNN Summit organization.
At no time will Managed.com handle or process your DNN Summit sponsorship payment — it will be processed by the DNN Summit organization and your money will go directly to them.
We understand with the potential difficulties associated with KickStarter or GoFundMe pledges, people can have reservations about what their money is being used for. We assure you that all of your sponsorship money will go toward the DNN Summit organization and its overarching mission: spreading the word about DNN, helping the DNN community grow, and providing excellent DNN events for the community.
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What if I sponsor DNN Summit and then cancel my sponsorship — can I still keep the free development server?

No. The point of this program is to give back to the DNN community. And, come on, that would be a really uncool move on your part.

What if I already sponsored DNN Summit — can I still get in on this program?

Absolutely. If you have already committed to sponsoring DNN Summit, first, thank you for your support. Once we receive information that you are a confirmed sponsor of the event, our team can work with you to get a free developer server set up in our environment for your work.
Contact our team at Sales@Managed.com and we’ll work with you to get you set up. If your company name and / or logo are not already on the DNN Summit site, our team may ask you for proof of your sponsorship; otherwise it may take a few more days to process your free development server.

Can I get a Windows or Linux server?

Absolutely. When you talk to our team, they will walk you through several questions to make sure we set up your server just the way you need it. During that process, simply let us know if you would like a Windows or a Linux environment set up for your development server.

What are the specs on the free development server?

The specs are the same as our Level 3 VPS plan.
  • Cores: 2 Cores
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Disk Space: 90 GB
  • Bandwidth: 10,000 GB

Do I still get support on the free development server?

Yes. Every server that is part of this program will enjoy our famous 24/7/365 expert support. Call, email, or open a ticket — our team is here for you.
If you are showing off your work to a new customer, we want you to be able to show off our awesome support team that works so hard to be an extension of your team.

How much money do I save with the free development server?

A Level 3 VPS Windows server is normally priced at $159 /mo., and a Level 3 VPS Linux Server is $149 /mo., each with the specs outlined above.
Over the course of having the free server for one full year:
  • You save $1,908 for a Windows Server
  • You save $1,788 for a Linux Server
That’s a nearly $2,000 savings. You can enjoy your free developer server and focus on creating great projects, apps, and websites for your customers and your business.

Can I get a free development server with better specs / more disk space?

Short answer: No.
As part of this program we are giving participating developers a free development server that’s nearly a $2,000 value — for free. That’s a pretty good deal.
Long answer: Maybe?
If you truly need a bigger, beefier, more powerful server for a large-scale development project you are working on (for example, a large enterprise-class client’s website), you may contact one of our senior technology consultants at Sales@Managed.com and we may be able to work something out to help you with your project.

How many free development servers can I get?

We are limiting the program to one development server per person.
We know that many developers work a day job for a company and then own and operate their own digital agency or dev shop, as well. If this is the case, you may qualify to set up a free developer server for each organization or entity. Keep in mind that they must be set up under different email addresses so that our system can recognize the separate accounts.
If you have two servers through the free developer server program — one for your main company and one for a separate development shop or agency, as outlined above — then both will need to independently go through the account review process.
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Can anyone take part in the free development server program?

Yes. However, right now we are limiting participation in the program to developers and companies that sponsor DNN Summit at the $299 or more level.
Additionally, if you are a current Managed.com or PowerDNN customer, your account must be in good standing in order to participate in the program. (To put it another way, if you haven’t paid your bill in several months, we probably aren’t going to give you a free server.)

What if I am already part of the Managed.com referral program — can I still get a free development server?

Yes, but keep in mind that any "new" business brought in for your free development server must be net new business. Talk to your Managed.com sales rep for more details.

How does the account review process work for the free development server program?

Each server in our free development server program will go through periodic review by our team. This will most likely be on a quarterly schedule. These reviews are very casual and performed on a case-by-case basis by our senior technology consultants.
During the account review process, we want to ensure you are getting the most use out of your free development server. Ideally, we would love for you to bring new business and customers to us once you take their websites and development projects live. We make no secret that we would like you to bring us new business — we want your company to grow — and by providing the developer community with a free development server, we want to actively invest in your success and growth.
Ultimately, during the account review our senior technology consultants are looking to see that you are experiencing a net positive growth to your business and your customer base. We want you to be able to show you are growing your business and ours.
Both new and referred business can count toward your growth. For example, if you build out a new customer’s site and then host it with us later, that counts (new business). If you have customers or servers hosted elsewhere, and you move them to our environments, that counts as well (referred business).

What happens after a year?

That depends on your review. If you can show that you are growing your business and ours, then we will congratulate you, send you a digital high-five, and run around the office telling everyone how awesome you are.
Our team will be happy to extend your free development server to help keep your projects rolling. This may be as informal as a phone call with one of our reps during your account review, in which they say, "Looks awesome, Jim! Congrats on the great year." Or something similar.
If it is determined that you are not fully utilizing your free development server, however, it may be decided that it is best to terminate your free server and part ways as friends. Again, ultimately, we are looking to see that you are experiencing a net positive growth to your business and your customer base. We want you to be able to show you are growing your business and ours.

What if I am working on a long-term development project for a customer?

If you are working on multiple projects or long-term projects, please let our team know and we will work with you to accommodate you and your business as best we can. We promise, our team is very understanding in these situations. Your success is our success, and we want to help your business grow.
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What if I exit the program — do I owe you anything?

No. We are providing the free development server program to help developers grow their businesses, and to remove some of the burden of building sites and development projects for customers who may not have yet paid you for the completed project.
If your account review shows that you have been unable to bring new business in through the program, and it is decided to cancel your free development server, you will not owe us anything.
This is a free program for developers.

Do I have to sign a contract to participate in this program?

No. As stated above, this is a free program for developers to help you grow your business. We do not require you to sign a contract for the free development server; however, by taking part in the program you agree to adhere to the same terms of use and privacy policies as any other customer, product, or service provided by Managed.com, PowerDNN, or one of our partner brands. You can read those policies here.
Once you bring a completed development project live, that plan will operate under the normal Managed.com agreements for the subscription you choose.

How long will it take to get my free development server?

The free development servers will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.
Typically we will be able to turn these around fairly quickly. If there are multiple servers in the queue, however, they will be provisioned in the order in which they were received. There may also need to be a few exchanges between you and our team if you have special needs, requirements, or a large chunk of data / development work you need assistance with to migrate into your server. Obviously, in these cases prompt responses will help us to facilitate your server build in a timely manner.
If everything is lined up, these usually take no more than 2 to 3 business days; however, in some cases they may take a little longer. We will work with you to take care of you as soon as we can.

Can I host live websites on this server?

No. The program is designed to assist developers with their development projects.
The server is public-facing so your customers can see and experience exactly how their dev site would work in a live environment.
The server is intended for development work. When you finish a project and decide to take it out of development and make the site / project / app live, our team will work with you to set up the perfect environment for that project.
Once you bring a completed development project live, it will need to operate on a separate, live plan.
Managed.com - DNN Summit, DNNCon, Sponsor and get a free development server, Free dev server

What if I want to run a product test or website demo for a customer and show them something on the server in a live environment?

Simply contact our team and we will be happy to work with you to schedule whatever you need to best showcase your work for your customer.
We may even be able to make one of our senior technology consultants or network engineers available to help answer any technical questions your customer may have about the environment or how we work with our customers and their clients.

What’s the fine print for the free development server program?

This program is subject to the same legalities, terms of use, and privacy policies as any other product or service from Managed.com, PowerDNN, or one of our partner brands. You can read those policies here.
In the simplest terms, if you are doing anything shady or illegal with your server, we reserve the right to shut it down.
As part of participating in the free development server program, we may send you periodic marketing emails or surveys to help us improve our products and services.
This program is being offered by Managed.com for the good of the developer community. If the program is being abused — or someone is attempting to take advantage of Managed.com, DNN Summit, or the DNN Community in any way — we also reserve the right to terminate your free development server.
Managed.com reserves the right to limit, stop, or terminate the program at any time.

Why is Managed.com doing this?

We have a long history of working with developers. We know first-hand the day-to-day business, technology, and infrastructure challenges developers have.
By providing developers a free development server, we are giving back to the developer community and investing in them. We want to help you grow your business.
It’s easy for a company to talk about how dedicated they are to developers; we wanted to provide a tangible way to show how much we care about developers and their businesses.
Additionally, we have been involved with the DNN / DotNetNuke community since version 1.0. By offering this program as an exclusive for DNN Summit sponsors, we are helping to drive the next generation of DNN events. It’s our way of giving back to the DNN community.
Our success is your success, and we’re excited to see how you put your development server to work to help grow your business.

This is an awesome program! Who do I thank for this?

Like the program? Let us know on social media, connect with us, or give a shout-out to the excellent community of volunteers who are putting in so many long hours to make DNN Summit a great event for everyone.
Managed.com on social:
DNN Summit on social:

What if I still have questions?

No problem. Our team is here to help. If you still have questions, contact our sales team by emailing Sales@Managed.com for more information.
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