WOFF Mime Type IIS 7.5

This article explains how to correct an issue with the .woff MIME type in Microsoft IIS 7.5 causing a 500 internal server error.
The .woff MIME type was added to the server level in IIS and can cause issues with a site after upgrading from a previous version of Plesk, usually Plesk 9.5.x to Plesk 12.5
Please note: The resolution below requires that you have admin level access to the server via Remote Desktop, if you do not and you are experiencing this issue please contact our support team
In IIS, to fix it you have to remove .woff at the server level, go into the problem site's mime types, remove .woff from there, then go readd it at the server level
Advanced Users Only
Please note: Editing any of the core IIS config files without a backup will result in IIS no longer functioning
  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config and edit the applicationHost.config
  2. Search the config file for WOFF, this will help identify any sites that may be affected by this issue
  3. Remove the WOFF mime type from the affected sites 
  4. Verify the sites operate
  5. Verify that the WOFF mime type is in the server level section in IIS

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