FAQ: How do email notifications work with Managed.com?


Email notifications, scheduled datacenter maintenance, monthly service announcements, and marketing emails

The Managed.com Team sends out email notifications to customers for important events such as the monthly service announcement, scheduled maintenance, and datacenter network and firmware upgrades that may impact service.

Within our system, an account may have three contacts listed:
  • Administrative Contact
  • Billing Contact
  • Technical Contact
Each of those listings may have one email address set in the account. Generally, email notifications are sent to account-holders based on what contact type they are, and what content type is being sent out. Simply put: billing related emails are sent to the Billing Contact; technical related emails (scheduled datacenter maintenance, server-level OS updates, etc.) are sent to the Technical Contact; and general, high-level activities and notices are sent to the administrative contact.
Depending on the notification, an email may be sent to multiple contact types within your account.
For example, the monthly service announcement is sent to both the Administrative and the Technical Contact, as it includes information such as monthly Windows update times, scheduled datacenter maintenance, CMS and software updates, as well as important and breaking news on critical security vulnerabilities.

Can I set up more than one person to receive email notifications?

Yes. If you have multiple people on your team who want to receive emails — such as four developers who all want to receive technical-related notifications — we recommend setting up team or group emails.
Common emails for this include info@YourCompany.com, infrastructure@YourCompany.com, notices@YourCompany.com, etc. Create a group email that makes sense for your team so its easy to keep track of.
Then, set that group email address to include multiple people within it. That way, when an email is sent to marketing@YourCompany.com, for example, the email will also be sent to everyone on your marketing team; Robert, Arthur, Frank, and Ray will all receive the email, since they are all included within the group for that team email alias.

Can my developer receive service-level email notifications?

Yes. If you are working with a developer, digital agency, or dev shop, and your site is maintained by a developer outside of your organization, you may choose to have maintenance notifications go to them.
Simply list them as the "Technical Contact" for your account. Or, make a team email as outlined above, and include your developer's email address within the group mailing.

Can I see the upcoming maintenance information anywhere else?

Yes. If you lost or accidentally deleted an email notification informing you of upcoming scheduled maintenance, you may always check the Managed.com Status Page. Our system status page shows the performance and uptime for the Managed.com network and family of brands.
Additionally, we include recent and upcoming maintenance notifications on that page. Here you may find a copy of any scheduled maintenance notification you would have received as an email.
In the event of an unscheduled, service-impacting event, we will communicate that information through our social media channels, which are also embedded on the status page.
You can follow Managed.com on social media for news and announcements on these platforms:

Can I opt out of receiving email notifications?

No. Due to the nature of our business, many of the email notifications we send out are important because they notify you of scheduled maintenance and activities. We are required by law to notify customers of any scheduled work that may potentially impact the service you are paying for, such as monthly Windows server updates, which require a server restart (and therefore a brief period of downtime) in order to be completed.
Because of this, customers are not able to opt out of email notifications detailing potentially service-impacting maintenance. We are required to send you these notifications, so there is no option to "unsubscribe" from service-level email notifications. These are terms that are agreed to when a customer signs up for service with Managed.com, or any of our product within the Managed.com family of brands.
More detail on these policies can be found in the Managed.com Legal Page by reading our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
When we perform scheduled maintenance and upgrades, we always work hard to try and schedule this windows at non-peak times to mitigate any potential impact. Typically this means maintenance work is done late at night / very early in the morning.

Can I opt out of receiving marketing emails?

Yes. Occasionally we will send out marketing emails that talk about new products, special offers, or partnerships that we feel may be of value to our customers.
Unlike some companies, we do not spam you with emails. You will not receive multiple marketing emails from us every week. If we send something to our customers, we believe it will genuinely have value to you. These may include announcements about new plans and products, new partnership programs, or tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your website and your plans with Managed.com.
However, if you wish to be removed from marketing emails, you may. At the bottom of any marketing email we send there is an "Unsubscribe" link. We make it simple. One click and you can opt out of receiving future marketing emails.
Note, you may only opt out of marketing emails; you may not opt out of maintenance or service-level impact email notifications, as explained above.

I accidentally unsubscribed, can I get back on the email list?

Yes. Simply contact a member of our team and ask to be added back to our email list. We will send it to the appropriate team members and ensure you receive future updates and emails.

There are no limits to the number of email addresses you wish to add to receive marketing emails. 

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