How to Perform a Plesk 9.x to Plesk 12.5 upgrade Backup

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This article explains how an upgrade of Plesk 9.x to Plesk 10.4.4 and then to Plesk 12.5, is used for all current Generics running Plesk 9.5.x and Plesk 11. If the server is running Plesk 11 or 12 they will be upgraded to Plesk 12.5
This article is split into 9 parts to help navigate the process of the upgrade:
  1. Put the server in maintenance mode
  2. Take a snapshot of the server via VMM or SystemCenter
  3. Update HOSTS file to point to Odin servers
  4. Run Optimization Script
  5. Run Plesk Installer to upgrade to Plesk 10.4.4
  6. Run the Plesk installer to upgrade to Plesk 12.5
  7. License Plesk
  8. Take server out of maintenance mode
  9. Schedule a followup to remove the snapshot
Please note: Some of the images within the KB are showing some differences, this was because we were originally going to only upgrade to Plesk 12 not Plesk 12.5
Put the server in maintenance mode (Shared Only)
  1. Login to PBA
  2. Go to Service Director > Plesk Manager > Nodes

  3. Select the Edit button
  4. Locate the Maintenance section (shown below)

  5. Add the following text and select update
    This server is currently being upgraded to a newer version of the Plesk control panel, please be patient as we run the upgrade. If you need immediate assistance please contact our support department by emailing them at
Take a snapshot of the server via VMM or SystemCenter
  1. Login to SystemCenter as you would normally
  2. Select the server you wish to checkpoint (snapshot)
  3. Right-click on the server name and select Create Checkpoint
  4. Rename the check point to "Pre Plesk 9.5.x to Plesk 10.44 upgrade"
Update HOSTS file to point to Odin servers
  1. ​Login to the server you are upgrading
  2. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  3. Edit the host file in Notepad ++ or an alternative text editor
  4. Use the below info for the host file
  5. Save the file
Run Optimization Script
       1. Command Prompt: 
perl -e "use LWP::Simple; getstore('', 'ServerOptimizer.exe'); system('ServerOptimizer.exe'); system('del ServerOptimizer.exe');"
Run Plesk Installer to upgrade to Plesk 10.4.4
  1. Navigate to the software repository: \\\repository$\Software\Parallels or go to Plesk's Website to download a new copy of the installer 
  2. Copy the plesk-installer.exe to the desktop of the server
  3. Open a command prompt by opening a run dialog box (WIN KEY + R) or Start RUN type CMD
  4. Navigate to where the Plesk Installer is located, most likely the desktop
    Example Command/Location: cd "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop" 
  5. Once you have navigated to the folder you need to run the installer run the following command, this will force the installer to allow Plesk 10.44 as a choice:
    plesk-installer.exe --select-product-id=panel --select-release-id=PANEL_10_4_4_WIN
  6. Run the plesk-installer.exe
  7. The Plesk installer will open up a command prompt window that will open the default browser on the server
  8. You will be prompted to login with the Windows Server Administrator

  9. Select Install/Upgrade Product

  10. Select the checkbox next to the name Plesk, uncheck "I would like to help Odin make even better products by sending information about installation, upgrade, and other problems." box.

  11. Select Continue
  12. Confirm the License check and continue

  13. Confirm the Parallels Panel upgrade pre-checker

  14. Once the upgrade is done you will need to switch the interface to the Service Provider view by selecting the Server tab and going to Interface Management under Panel Appearance section
  15. After this select  home, there will be a yellow notification bar with a Complete Switching to the new Panel business model link at the bottom. Click it.
  16. Click the Selective Transition of Customers tab
  17. Check all the subscriptions
  18. Choose Upgrade to Reseller from the drop down
  19. Check the box on the warning that pops up and then click Yes
  20. The upgrade will proceed when it is done, go through and verify that you are able to access common features that are being used i.e. hosting access, control suite, etc:

Check if all services are running, including the SmarterMail web server service and the World Wide Web publishing service
Check to make sure that Gene6FTP is no longer running and the service is set to manual
Verify that some of the sites are still operating as they should
Verify that you are able to utilize Control Suite, i.e. expand domains, pull FTP passwords, etc.
Verify with an FTP user that you are indeed able to connect/upload/download, if you are unable see fix
If you are having permissions issues run the repair.exe from command prompt see link to Plesk documentation on how to use: repair.exe --repair-all-webspaces-security
Check subscriptions users under subscription window (Subscriptions > Select Sub > Users Tab), to fix all users suspend and unsuspected reseller in Plesk
Verify that all the components are installed and working Tools & Settings > Server Components i.e. DNS server (You may need to install Microsoft DNS) Link to FIX

Run the Plesk installer to upgrade to Plesk 12.5
Please Note: This portion is for a server that was upgraded to Plesk 11.5 from 9.5.x and for any server running Plesk 11 already
  1. Before you can update to Plesk 12.5 you will need to switch the database provider from MSSQL to MySQL, you can do this within the Control Suite: Database Servers > Select (local) > Convert PSA to MySQL (See image below)

  2. Launch the installed and update any components available.
    1. If you are performing and upgrade from Plesk 11.0 Only you need to do the following, if you are upgrading from 10.4.4 or 11.5 skip this section (Link to Plesk KB)
      1. Remove the Plesk Managment Service from Windows Command Prompt (CMD)
        sc delete plesksrv    PLESK 11.0 ONLY!!!
      2. Kill all running cmd.exe and conhost.exe processes from Windows Task Manager
      3. Kill plesksrv.exe process from Windows Task Manager
      4. If you have confirmation of the service being deleted, you can continue with the steps below to upgrade to Plesk 12.5
  3. Go through the installer as normal until you get to the Install or Upgrade Odin Products select Plesk 12.5.30 (Stable), see image below:

  4. Proceed with the upgrade
  5. After upgrading to Plesk 12.5 fix the expiration by running the the below SQL query against the PSA database (Take a BACKUP of the PSA database): In command prompt do the following:
    Backup PSA Database
    plesk db dump psa
    Fix Expiration Date (Run Separately)
    plesk db (By default the PSA database is selected)
    update limits set value = -1 where limit_name = 'expiration'; 
  6. After upgrading to Plesk 12.5, fix the overuse setting by using Control Suite: Plesk Server > Set Overuse Allowed.
       7. Check If it does not load correctly: Tools & Settings > Webmail > disable SmarterMail Web Client > enable SmarterMail Web Client
License Plesk
  1. Login to Plesk as admin
  2. Go to Tools & Settings > License Management > Install Key, use the below spreadsheet to license
Take server out of maintenance mode
  1. For this section please refer to the section named Put the server in maintenance mode, and do them in the reverse order to take server out of maintenance mode
Schedule a followup to remove the snapshot
  1. Open a new ticket from SmarterTrack named Remove Snapshots for Generic###
  2. Reopen the ticket after 2 or 3 days after the upgrade is complete

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