How to Initiate a Change of Ownership_NEEDS UPDATED TO WHMCS

If you are wanting to change ownership of a subscription to another person or company, that potential new owner must submit a Change of Ownership signup. These instructions apply to Change Of Ownership for both PowerDNN and
Proceed to the site you want your hosting with and click "Get Started" to begin the signup process.
1. Enter the requested information on the first page of the signup and proceed to the second page
2. On the second page, there will be a set signup types: New Website, Migration, and Transfer/Change of Ownership. Select the Transfer/Change of Ownership.
3. Enter the Current Owner's name and Email address. This information will be used to contact the current owner for approval.
4. Proceed through the remainder of the signup and click Submit Order or Finish.
From here, the signup will be sent to the Billing department for further processing.
**************CURRENT OWNER*******************
Please respond to the Change of Ownership request with your approval or disapproval.
If approved, you will receive a confirmation email when the change is complete.
*************NEW OWNER***************************
When the change has been approved by the current account owner, the transfer will be processed. If the site exists as its own subscription, it will be moved to an account under the new account owner. if the site is a portal of an existing site, a new subscription will be created for it. The site files and database will need to be sent to the Support team to get the site running on the new subscription. Please follow the link here for migration information.
You will receive a notice when the change is complete.
In the event that your request is denied by the current account owner, please contact the current account owner for further information. In certain circumstances, the Account Ownership Discrepancy policy may apply.

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