User Verification Links Causing Internal 500 Error

If you are running DNN version 7.4.2 with user registration type set to 'verified' and are finding your users running into internal 500 errors when attempting to use the verification link found in their emails, the following may correct the issue.  The issue itself is a known bug and is pretty unique as the internal error will only occur if the user still has the registration page open in another tab, or if they are auto-logged in when attempting to verify.
Here's a link to the DNN JIRA bug tracker on the issue.
To resolve the issue:
  1. Using FTP or alternative, navigate to "httpdocs/DesktopModules/AuthenticationServices/DNN/Login.ascx.cs" and open the file for editing.
  2. Scroll down to lines 166 - 175 and comment out the line "Controls.Clear();" (Line 172) then save the file.  Lines 166 - 175 should look like this once complete:
              if (!IsPostBack)
                    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["verificationcode"]) && PortalSettings.UserRegistration == (int) Globals.PortalRegistrationType.VerifiedRegistration)
                        if (Request.IsAuthenticated)
                        var verificationCode = Request.QueryString["verificationcode"];
  3. Recycle your application pool to fully complete the update.
  4. Perform a test signup to verify everything has been resolved.

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