How to Hide/Show the DNN Getting Started Page

Depending on how your site is setup, you might come across an issue where you can not close the Getting Started Page popup for your site when you log in as a Host.
As you can see the top-most portion of the popup is out of reach to both grab and move the popup as well as the closing 'X' icon is out of reach.  This prevents accessing any menus or links that covered by the popup.  To overcome this issue I have disabled it from showing up immediately after signing in as a host or SuperUser as covered below.
This article requires the user to have access to the database for their DotNetNuke site.  In order to hide/show the initial Getting Started Page when a host/SuperUser logs in, please perform the following steps:
  1. Open your database and navigate to the 'HostSettings' table
  2. Scroll down the 'SettingName' column until you find the 'EnableGettingStartedPage' entry
  3. Look to the next column labeled 'SettingValue' and change it to 'False' if you wish to disable it or change it to 'True' if you wish to re-enable it.

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