How To Login to the Plesk Control Panel (Dedicated/VPS)

This article is written for logging into the Plesk Control Panel for Dedicated Server Customers.  If you are in the shared environment please click here to login to your Control Panel.  If you are experiencing issues logging in, please contact Support for assistance.
You may access your Control Panel on your Dedicated Server both on or off of the server and you have a few different options to do so.  All available options will be detailed below.  If you have any questions please contact Support.
Plesk Login Page
The easiest way to login to the Plesk Control Panel is through the login page interface.  This option is available both on and off of the server.  To access the login screen on the server navigate to one of the following URLs:
HTTPS: https://localhost:8443
HTTP: http://localhost:8880
To access the login page off of the server, you will need to replace localhost with any of your servers shared or dedicated IP addresses.  You may also use a host name which resolves to your server for this:
Domain: Control Suite
Most dedicated servers come with the Control Suite Application provided.  This method is also a quick and easy way to login to the Plesk Control Panel.  Simply launch Control Suite then right click on the 'Domains' left hand menu item and choose Login as Admin. This will launch a web browser window to automatically log you in to the Plesk Control Panel
Windows Command Line
While you are not actually able to log into the Plesk Control Panel using this method, you will be able to retrieve the password for the administrator user:
  1. Open Command Prompt
  2. Type in the following command:
     "%plesk_bin%\plesksrvclient" -get
  3. A window will popup with the Plesk Admin password.  Please note this window automatically copies the password to your Windows clipboard
Alternative Command Line (Plesk Onyx Only)
While logged into the server via SSH or RDP you can do the following to get a One-Time URL to login to Plesk
  1. Run the following command to generate a one-time URL for logging into Plesk:
    plesk login
  2. You will see the following output:
    https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX:8443/login?secret=RG57YOiEkpwTNZttWee7yeTnh4                                                                                                                                                             6GYtIJyQzhKEoAFpA%3D
    https://<insert IP address here>:8443/login?secret=RG57YOiEkpwTNZttWee7yeTnh46GYtIJyQzhKEoAFp                                                                                                                                                             A%3D
    Please Note: When running this command you will use the URL with the IP address in it

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