How To Send Email Locally Using Command Prompt

How To Send Email Locally Using Command Prompt
This article serves as a guide to test simple email functionality on your server if you are unable to access your SmarterMail interface.  
  1. Open Windows Command Prompt using Start > Command Prompt or via Run > CMD
  2. Telnet to the mail server by typing telnet <domain> 25

  3. Once connected, we must initiate the mail sending process queue.  We start this with helo <domain> 

    The server will reply with 250 and a hello if successful.
  4. Now we must set the sending mail address.  Type mail from:<email address>

  5. Now we set the to address.  Type RCPT TO:<email address>

  6. Type data to begin the email content.
  7. First we set the subject by typing Subject:<Your Subject> Then press Enter twice.
  8. Now type the message content of your email.  When done, press Enter - Period Key - Enter to close the message.
  9. Type Quit to exit telnet. 

  10. Verify your email has been received.

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