Cannot connect to Database; User Exists in Database, but not Server Level

Cannot Connect to Database
If the user is in the database, but not in server level, then follow the steps below to resolve this.
1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
2. Confirm the user is under the specific database by expanding Databases>Your DB>Security>Users
3. Confirm the user is not in server level by expanding Security>Logins
4. If you have confirmed both of those, then right click on your database and click New Query
5. Paste the following query, change user and password to the correct information.(You can pull this info from the web.config.)
sp_change_users_login 'AUTO_FIX', 'user', null, 'password'
6. Press Execute(F5)
7. Recycle the application pool after running this query. 
After following these steps, the site should come back online. 

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