MySQL Server Has Gone Away



You received a message stating  “MySQL Server has gone away.”

Dedicated server customers may follow the steps below to resolve the issue. Shared hosting customers should contact Support to fix this error. Additionally, it is highly advised that you make a backup of the file.




The server has closed the connection unexpectedly.



  1. First, log into your server.

  1. Next, press Windows + R and type in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\Databases\MySQL\Data’

  1. Next, open the file named “my.ini” in “Notepad” or a text editor of your choice. (This file is found as '/etc/my.cnf' on a Linux Server)


  1. Then change the “max_allowed_packet” variable to 2048M. Please note the unit of measurement at the end. If this is not there, MySQL will ignore it. If the line doesn’t exist, add it in.


  1. Then restart the MySQL Server using the Parallels Plesk Control Panel. (On Linux, run '/etc/init.d/mysqld restart')


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