Guides to Using DotNetNuke (DNN)

Using DotNetNuke (DNN)

While we at do not generally guide users in the design or development of a CMS, there are a number of resources available that may help a website developer or designer make their time working with DNN easier and more efficient.

Going to the Source

Being the creators of the CMS, one of the first places to look for guidance for DNN is from the team at DNN Software itself. They have tutorials and documentation on multiple versions of DNN available, as well as community forums where members of the DNN community, seasoned developers, and even members of the DNN team often reply.

DNNChat via is owned and run by Chris Hammond, an ASP.NET developer who has been involved with the DotNetNuke project since January 2003. Chris is the former Director of Training for the DotNetNuke Corporation and now provides DNN consulting through the business at DNNChat is a small online chat hosted by for DNN users and developers to connect and communicate with one another.


DNNCreative is a subscription-based tutorial and support site that is a very detailed resource for DNN, releasing new information monthly. They have over 750+ videos, tutorials, reviews, and articles, as well as community forums available. Support is also available through the forum. is another great resource for DNN, containing 600+ tutorial videos which are updated monthly. DNNHero also hosts supports forums, as well as a blog. From their website, "Simply the fastest way to learn how to use DNN. From beginners to advanced users, from website administrators to hard code developers, you will find a DNN tutorial here on DNNHero that will fit your learning needs."

DNN Connect is a growing forum for the community. In the group's own words, "DNN Connect is all about connecting the community around the Open Source DNN Platform. Since its inception in 2002, DNN Platform (or DotNetNuke, as it used to be known) has drawn an ever-increasing amount of web professionals into a lively community. At first mostly from the United States, now these DNNers come from all around the globe."

At some point the resources above may just not be enough to get you where you need to be, or you may simply not have the time available to get your site development completed. In these cases you may wish to contact a developer for assistance.
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