DNN Security Analyzer

In DNN 7.4.1, DNN has introducted the DNN Security Analyzer module that is accessible via Host > Security Analyzer. The DNN Security Analyzer module performs various security checks on your DNN site, like determining whether you have debug mode enabled, public registration enabled, potentially unwanted file types, and other security vulnerabilities or possiblel issues.
The DNN Security Analyzer module also includes a scanner to scan your web site's file system and database tables for a specific term, and it will return any files or database tables containing that term. This is helpful for tracking down the source of "hacked in" content on your site.
The module also will give you a summarized break down of super user activity, such as last login dates and last password changes for any given super user. 
The DNN Security Analyzer module was introduced in DNN 7.4.1 and DNN has made it available to install on older installations, dating back to DNN 6.2.0, which is the minimum version support for this module.
Going forward, DNN plans to add more functionality to the security module, to better assist DNN users in keeping their sites secure. For users who haven't upgraded to DNN 7.4.1, it is recommended that you check for module updates on a regular basis, to ensure your site is as secure as possible. As always, we recommend running the latest secure versions of DNN.
For further information on the DNN Security Analyzer module, visit http://www.dnnsoftware.com/community-blog/cid/155214/dnn-security-analyzer
To download and install this module on your DNN site, visit the following link and click Version Details > Downloadhttp://www.dnnsoftware.com/forge/dnn-security-analyzer 
For instructions on how to install a module on your DNN site, see How to Install or Update a Module or Skin in DotNetNuke

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