How to View the DNN Event Log

The DNN Event Log can tell you a wide array of information about your DNN installation.  This information can include in-depth information about any errors, User Logins, General Exceptions, Page Load Exceptions, and much more. 
To view the DNN Event Log use the following steps:
  1. Login as either an Administrator or SuperUser Account.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Event Viewer
From here you will be able to see the various DNN Log entries sorted by when they occurred.  The colored box to the right indicates the type of entry.  You may also click any entry to view further information on the record.  An example DNN Event Log can be found below.  This example shows what you would typically see in the expanded view when a site error is logged.
If you are unable to login to view the Event Log
If you are unable to get yourself logged into DNN to view the Event Log for any reason, you may use one of the following solutions.
1.  Dedicated Environment Customers Only:  You may use the Control Suite application available on your server to view the Event Log entries.  Navigate to your domain within Control Suite > Expand Domains > Your Domain > DNN > Logs > Event Log > Search Logs.  You may also request for Support to provide you with an export of the current Event Log entries.
2.  Shared Environment Customers:  If you are unable to login to DNN, you may ask Support to provide you with an export of the current Event Log entries for your domain.
3.  You may also retrieve Event Log entries using SQL.  The returned results aren't as cleaned up as the above solutions, however they will give you a good insight to what may be happening on your site if all else fails.  This query will return the last 5 entries to the Event Log:
SELECT TOP 5 LogTypeKey, LogPortalName, LogProperties FROM dbo.eventLog ORDER BY LogeventID DESC

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