How to Manage Categories in Joomla

How to Manage Categories in Joomla

To manage your categories log into the back end of your Joomla site and then go to Content > Category Manager.

You will now have the following menu: New, Edit, Publish, Unpublish, Archive, Check In, Trash, Options, Help.

Categories Menu

  • New - This will create a new articles category and you will have the following options:
    • Title: You must create a name for your category. This is the only required field when creating a new category. 
    • Alias: The alias is used to generate the SEF URL. If left blank Joomla will automatically assign an alias based on the title.
    • Parent: By default all new categories are parent categories. To nest it under another category choose an existing category as the parent.
    • Status: All new categories are set to published so all articles in that category will be visible in the front end.
    • Access: All new categories are available to the public so anyone can view them. However you can limit them to different access levels such as registered users only.
    • Description: This text area for this field is used to add a description for the category.
  • Edit - Change the settings of an existing category such as the title, alias or parent.
  • Publish/Unpublish - Published categories will be visible in the front end of your site while unpublished categories are not visible in the front end. This setting affects all categories within the parent category and the articles assigned to these categories. 
  • Archive - Categories marked as archived will only be visible with the archived articles menu items. They will not appear in any other menu items.
  • Check In - When a user is editing a category Joomla marks the category as checked out by that user and only that user will be allowed to edit it. It is sometimes necessary to check in if you know that that original user is no longer editing the category but it is still checked out. 
  • Trash - Deletes the category. 
  • Options - Allows you to configure the default settings for all articles. These settings can be changed on a per menu item basis.
  • Help - Opens the relevant help articles for the area of Joomla you are in.

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