How to Change the HTML RadEditor File Size Allowed in DNN 7

When attempting to upload a file through the HTML Editor. You receive a message saying that the file exceeds the maximum file size.
The size of the uploaded file exceeds max size allowed.
The maximum file size by default in the HTML editor is set to 1024000 bytes or 1 MB.
Resolution via HTML Editor Manager
Increase the file size limit to allow for larger files.
  1. You need to log into a Superuser account on the site.
  2. Go to Host -> HTML Editor Manager -> Everyone.
  3. Expand out the section you wish to increase the file upload size limit. Either Document Manager, Image Manager, Flash Manager, Media Manager or Silverlight Manager.

  4. The recommended Max File Upload Size limit is 10485760 or 10MB.
Resolution via FTP
If you are unable to access the site by logging into a Superuser account. You can make the necessary changes via FTP.
  1. Use FTP to download the configfile.xml from the DesktopModules\Admin\RadEditorProvider\ConfigFile folder.
  2. Edit the configfile.xml in a text editor like notepad or Notepad++. The sections containing an increase in file size are listed below.
    <property name="MaxDocumentSize">1024000</property>
    <property name="MaxImageSize">1024000</property>
    <property name="MaxFlashSize">1024000</property>
    <property name="MaxMediaSize">1024000</property>
    <property name="MaxSilverlightSize">1024000</property>
  3. The recommended Max File Upload Size limit is 10485760 or 10MB.
  4. Once you have modified the settings, upload your saved file to the path above, replacing the existing file.

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