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403 Forbidden Error


When you go to a URL on your website, you receive a 403 Forbidden error.

Possible Causes
There are two primary causes for this issue:
  • The web server's default documents are not configured correctly and the web server does not know what document to deliver.  For example, you go to http://MySite.com/SomeFolder/
  • EXTREMELY RARE: Your IIS application pool user does not have permissions to access that location.
  • Set up the web server's default documents correctly.
  • Recreate the Domain's IIS Application Pool
Set Up the Web Server's Default Documents
  • Ensure that the folder you are trying to browse has a default document that exists and has been configured according to these instructions How to Change Default Documents.
Recreate IIS Application Pool
These steps can be performed by dedicated server customers. If you are a shared hosting customer, contact the support team with a request to resolve the issue. 
Any custom IIS configurations for this domain will be lost. Be sure they are documented prior to using this command so you can re-create them once the issue is resolved.
  1. Log into your dedicate server through Remote Desktop.
  2. Double click on the Control Suite icon on your desktop. Login.
  3. In the Navigation Tree double click on the Plesk x.x.x (Domains) icon.
  4. Click on the domain experiencing the error.
  5. In the Commands Ribbon click on the Recreate Domain's IIS icon. 
Control Suite IIS Recreation

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