How to Upgrade WordPress

In this article it is explained on how to upgrade WordPress
Within WordPress the software has the ability to do a one-click upgrade within the admin dashboard.
Please note: Before you do any upgrades to your site it is strongly encouraged that you backup your site within your control panel
On how to backup you site you can follow this knowledge base article:
How to Back Up Your Website Using Plesk
To begin the upgrade you can do the following:
  1. Login to the admin dashboard by going to http://<domain name>/wp-admin
  2. Select Dashboard, if it isn't already selected, > Updates
  3. At the top of the WordPress Updates page you will see a section that states An updated version of WordPress is Available

  4. Select Update Now
  5. After the upgrade you will be logged out and you will see a message stating that You have successfully updated WordPress!

Please note: If you have any third-party plugins or custom plugins they may not work and it is recommended that they get updated once WordPress is successfully upgraded

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