How to Update a WordPress Plugin

Like any other piece of software, plugins need to be updated occasionally to add additional features, fix bugs and patch security vulnerabilities.  For security reasons it's important to keep your plugins up to date.
Before You Update
Not all plugin versions will be compatible with all versions of WordPress.  Before updating a plugin on your site you will need to confirm that it is compatible with the version of WordPress that is installed.  This can be done by referring to the website of the plugin developer.  If an upgrade of WordPress is required before updating your plugins this can be done by following our How to Upgrade WordPress article.
Once you have confirmed your plugins are compatible with the version of WordPress you are running, backup your site through your Plesk Control Panel by following our How to Back Up Your Website Using Plesk article.
Upgrading Your Plugins
  1. Login to the admin dashboard by going to http://<domain name>/wp-admin
  2. Select Dashboard, if it isn't already selected, > Updates.
  3. The Plugins that require updates will be listed under Plugins.
  4. Use either the Select All check box to select all available plugin updates, or check the boxes need to the plugins you want to update.

  5. Click Update Plugins.
  6. You will then be redirected to a page confirming that all updates were completed successfully.

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