How to Upgrade nopCommerce

This article provides steps to upgrade your nopCommerce site to the latest version.

Before upgrading your site it is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your site through your Control Panel by following the instructions in our How to Back Up Your Website Using Plesk article.
  1. Download the latest nopCommerce package and upgrade script from the nopCommerce CodePlex.  If you are not running the latest previous release you will need to upgrade your site in steps.  For example, if your site is currently running nopCommerce 3.0 you will need to upgrade to 3.10 then to 3.20 etc, so you will need to download all the required upgrade scripts for these versions.
  2. Once the scripts are downloaded, connect to your site's database using SQL Mangement Studio.  If you are not familiar with connecting to your database please see our How To Connect to your MSSQL Database article.
  3. Open a New Query in MSSQL Management Studio.

  4. Drag the downloaded nopCommerce upgrade.sql file to the New Query window in MSSQL Management Studio.  The scripts to be run will be displayed in this window.
  5. Click Execute.

  6. Once the script has completed, repeat the same process for any additional versions of nopCommerce you need to upgrade to.
  7. Once your database has been upgraded to the latest version connect to your site via FTP.  If you are unsure of how to connect via FTP please see our How to Use FTP article.
  8. Navigate to your httpdocs > App_Data folder.
  9. Download the settings.txt and InstalledPlugins.txt files to a location on your local computer, these will need to be replaced after the upgrade.
  10. Navigate up one directory to the httpdocs folder.
  11. Copy the contents of the latest version of nopCommerce that was downloaded to the httpdocs folder.  If prompted, overwrite all existing files.
  12. Once the files have been uploaded, navigate to the httpdocs > App_Data folder and copy the settings.txt and InstalledPlugins.txt back to it from your local machine.
  13. Browse to your site to ensure it is loading correctly.

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