How to Disable the Getting Started page in DNN 7.x and 7.1.x

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The getting started page in DNN 7.0.x and 7.1.x will show every time you log in, and there isn't a built in way to disable this feature.  There is also a bug in DNN that can cause this popup to occur every time you go to a new page on the site, which can be very annoying.  Fortunately, there is an entry in the database that allows us to disable this popup.
Resolution Method 1:  SQL Management Studio
  1. Load the SQL management studio software and connect to the database server
  2. Create a New Query
  3. Enter the following text, replacing database with the name of your database and prepend your objectQualifier to the table name if needed:
    USE database 
    UPDATE PortalSettings
    SET SettingValue = 'True'
    WHERE SettingName = 'GettingStartedPageShown'
  4. Execute the query.
  5. Recycle your application pool by going to Tools > Recycle Application Pool in DNN.
Resolution Method 2:  SQL from DNN
  1. Go to Host > SQL
  2. Enter the following text into the text box:
    UPDATE {databaseOwner}{objectQualifier}PortalSettings
    SET SettingValue = 'True'
    WHERE SettingName = 'GettingStartedPageShown'
  3. Click Run Script.
In DNN 7.2+, there is a "Don't show this again" check box was added in the bottom left corner of the "Welcome to your website" page you can check to disable this.

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