How to change Plesk to Allow SSH/SFTP Connections Per Domain

This article is intended for dedicated server clients. Shared server clients will need to contact support to allow SSH connections for their subscription.

To give SSH access to your subscriptions(domains) in Plesk Onyx on Linux:
  1. Login as admin
  2. Select Subscriptions
  3. Select the domain you wish to allow SSH connections
  4. Select the Show more button

    Plesk 12 show more
  5. Select Web Hosting Access

    Plesk 12 web hosting access button
  6. In the system user section an option labeled Access to the server over SSH is available
  7. From the dropdown change it to /bin/bash (chrooted). This will allow the system user access to connect via SSH and SFTP

  8. If you require to login using the credentials, you will need to change the password, if you do please inform the client as this also is their primary FTP account
  9. Click OK or Apply to save changes
  10. Once SSH has been enabled you can test the connection by following this KB article:
    How to Log into a Linux Server Using SSH

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