How To Populate the List For Tags In A DNN Module

How to Populate the List for Tags in a DNN Module
The tag section is empty in the basic setting of a module and you are unable to add anything to the list.
Follow the steps below to create a list of options.
  1. Log into your DNN site as Host or Admin. Click on the Admin menu.

  2. Click on the Taxonomy link

  3. Click the Create New Vocabulary button.

  4. Give a name for the Category

  5. Change Scope to Application radial button.
  6. Click the Create Vocabulary button.
  7. Edit the new Vocabulary

  8. Click the Add Term button.

  9. Give a Name for item

  10. Click the Update button
  11. Repeat steps 7 - 10 as needed.
  12. Go back to your module.
  13. Hold the Ctrl button and tap the F5 button to refresh the Module Setting page.
  14. Click the List box next to Tags and choose which tags you need.


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