Active Directory Solution for Your Environment

Active Directory in a Environment — Overview
There are two ways to implement an Active Directory solution for your environment.
The Enterprise Active Directory Environment is an extension of any one of's Enterprise website environments coupled with an optional off-site server.
Option #1
As part of your Enterprise Solution, the Team will assist you by opening up a dedicated VPN tunnel to your existing Active Directory servers. Our engineers will manage the network and connections to ensure everything is working just the way you want it to.
There is no extra cost associated with setting up a VPN tunnel. This service is included with all of our enterprise-level environments.
Option #2
In addition to opening a dedicated VPN tunnel to your existing Active Directory servers, some IT professionals prefer to have a separate environment on the network to replicate their Active Directory.
For IT professionals who wish to, a separate environment at can be configured for this purpose. In this case we will help you establish a replication of your Active Directory environment on a separate server on infrastructure. This will require the purchase of an additional environment.
What Does:
  • Provision the domain controller
  • Install Active Directory Services
  • Link Domain Controller to the web server
  • Provide access to the Domain Controller
  • Provide complete network and server-side support up through the OS layer
What the Customer Does:
  • Provide VPN endpoint credentials
  • Provide Active Directory authentication credentials engineers will install Active Directory for you, and our team will fully support the network, hardware, and operating system. Our team is available for configuration assistance and troubleshooting for the Domain Controller. However, does not automatically set group polices and configurations. Policies and configurations are the responsibility of the customer's web team, based on their specific needs.
The customer will be in full control of the domain. Any Group Policy tasks such as firewall configuration and software updates will need to be managed by the customer either through Group Policy rules configured on the Domain Controller or directly on the web server.
If you would like further information on our Active Directory solution please contact our Sales Team.

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