How to Provision Relay Service on your Dedicated Server

While our company provides complimentary mail relay service to all of our customers, there may be circumstances where it's preferable to make a mail relay on your own dedicated server.
Keep in mind that SmarterMail will always try to send mail locally first. In order to send mail to any domains that exist locally with mail hosted elsewhere, local domains must have mail service disabled in SmarterMail, through Plesk.
Disable mail for all domains that do NOT host mail on your server.
  1. Create a Plesk domain named in the form "" following this article:
  2. Create a mail account under your relay domain named however you wish, perhaps "". Be sure to use a secure password.

    Alternatively, feel free to create separate accounts for each of the sites on your server. If you put in this extra time now, it may save you a lot of trouble later if you find yourself trying to figure out which site is responsible for sending out certain messages. If that ever does become a problem, time will probably be important, and most anything you can do now to save time when that happens is a worthwhile idea.
  3. In Plesk, navigate to the domain with mail hosted off the server.
  4. Select the Mail tab.
  5. Click the Change Settings button in the toolbar.
  6. Make sure that the check-box for Activate mail service on domain is unchecked.
  7. Optionally: Sign into SmarterMail as Administrator and verify that the domain is named in the format


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