How to Restore a Joomla Site Using Akeeba Backup

How to Restore a Joomla Site Using Akeeba Backup
If you used Akeeba Backup to make a back up your site, you can restore it to the previous state by following the directions below. If you need help installing Akeeba Backup on a Joomla site you can refer to How to Install Akeeba Backup on a Joomla Site.
Please note: Akeeba Backup is a third party extension and support will be limited. If you have any issues with this extension you will need to contact the developer of the extension.
  1. Download Akeeba Kickstart at
  2. Extract the file and locate the kickstart.php.
  3. Connect to your site using FTP.
  4. Upload kickstart.php and the akeeba backup file (or files if you have split them) to the root directory of your Joomla site. This is normally httpdocs.
  5. Using your browser navigate to your site and append /kickstart.php; for example: 
  6. Close the Things you should know about Akeeba Kickstart page.
  7. Select the archive file you would like to restore and click on Start.
  8. Click on Run the Installer.
  9. Click Next to go to DB restore page. Akeeba Kickstart will have your database connection parameters already, click Next
  10. The Site Info page will appear, click Next.
  11. The Finish page will appear and will remind you to remove the installation directory.
  12. Go to the Kickstart tab in your browser and click on Clean Up.
  13. Your site has now been restored and you can either visit your front end or back end.


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