How to Secure FTP Sessions via SSL (FTPS)

Note: this article is intended for dedicated server client only. If you are a shared serve customer please contact our support team for assistance.
FTPS is an extension of File Transfer Protocol. It utilizes SSL encryption to increase the security of the file transfer.
If you want to transfer files using FTPS, three conditions must be met.
  1. The domain must be on a server with Plesk 11 or newer
  2. The domain must have a dedicated IP address (Please see How to Purchase an Additional IP Address for more details)
  3. The domain must have an SSL certificate applied to it
To Set Up FTPS
  • Log into Plesk
  • Click on Tools & Settings > Security Policy
  • Under Secure FTP select the policy that is needed (in most cases you will select either Allow Both or Per IP Address)
  • Skip to
  • Click on Tools & Settings > IP Addresses
  • Click on the IP address you want to enforce the policy on
  • Select the SSL certificate to use for encryption from the drop-down menu
  • Select the FTPS usage policy for the IP address
  • Click OK
Connect to the Site's Files via FTPS
  1. Start FileZilla or another FTP client that supports FTPS.
  2. Click File > Site Manager, then click New Site.
    FileZilla Site Manager

  3. In the Host section type the domain name or IP Address.
  4. In the Encryption field, choose Require explicit FTP over TLS.
  5. In the Logon Type field choose Ask for password.
  6. Supply the user and click ConnectNote: by default the Transfer Settings > Transfer mode should be Default. If Active is chosen, you will get an error related to IIS bindings.

    FileZilla successful FTPS connection

  7. When prompted, enter the password.
  8. You should be successfully connected.

Note: If you are able to download files from your site using FTPS, but can not upload to your site, there is a known TLS bug in Windows Server 2012 that requires a hotfix. You will need to check the box next to Windows 8 RTM to download the correct file. Please contact Support if you have any questions or concerns.

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