Use Parallels Plesk Panel to Create Service Plans, Add-On Plans and Customer Accounts

Use Parallels Plesk Panel to Create Service Plans, Add-On Plans and Customer Accounts
Welcome to this video on managing customers and their subscriptions. In it, I’ll describe how you can set up service plans with varying levels of resources, describe a hosting add on plan, and outline how you can let your tech savvy customers manage just their piece of the hosting environment.
Log into Plesk on your dedicated server. Click on Service Plans. You can modify an existing plan or create your own. For example, you may decide to offer a silver, gold, and platinum plan with the following resources.
To set up a plan, click Add new plan. Name the plan. Decide if you will allow your customers to overuse resources, and if so, if you want to be notified when they do.
Define the resource limits, click on the permissions tab to choose the rights you want your customers to have. Click the Hosting Parameters tab to choose the scripting languages your customers will need. These can be changed later on a per-domain basis. Then click OK. Repeat the process for your other two plans.
One of the benefits of service plans is that by changing the plan, you change the resource limits and permissions for all of the subscriptions on that plan. If only one subscription needs more resources, you can create a new Add-on and apply it to just that subscription.
Once your service plans are in place, if you want to give a customer access to their part of the hosting environment, click on Customers > Add New Customer. Fill in the required information. The first Username and Password are the credentials your customer will use when logging into their control panel. Type the domain name, specify the IP address. If the domain needs an SSL certificate, a dedicated IP address is required. The second Username and Password are for ftp access for the site. Choose your newly created Service Plan, then click OK. The new customer, subscription and domain are created.
When your customer is ready to access the control panel, he points his browser to https://ipaddress:8443 and logs in with the first username and password you entered.
If you will be managing the hosting environment for your customers, start by creating the subscription. If at some point you want to give the customer access to the control panel to manage the domain, the customer can be created later and the subscription can be transferred to that account.
I hope this video helps you use your dedicated server to its full potential. Thanks for watching.
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