Install and Back Up DNN Web and Database Files

Install and Back Up DNN Web and Database Files
In the second video, we created a domain in the Plesk Panel. We will use Control Suite to install DotNetNuke on that domain. I will also show you how to make a backup of the domain and where that backup is stored.
To install DotNetNuke on an existing domain, double click on the domain in the navigation tree to expand it. Click on No App Installed. Select Install App. Click on Next to install DotNetNuke. Select the version number and edition you want
and click Next. You can select a template if desired and click Next. If you expand database you can specify the database name, user, and password. Then click Finish.
Watch the output pane to see the commands being run and the progress being made.
A browser window opens to show the progress of the installation script.
We wait for a few moments watching the green successes populate the screen.
Once DotNetNuke has been installed, click on the link to view the website on the server. You are ready to start building your new website.
Control Suite makes taking a backup of your site easy. Select the domain. Choose Backup Domain from the Command Ribbon. By default Control Suite makes a backup of the site files and the MSSQL database. If your site includes a MySQL database, double click False to make it True. Press Execute and watch the progress in the Output Pane.
Once the backup is complete, you can view it by going to the C: drive’s backups folder. The backup is located in the domain’s folder in a date and time stamped folder. It includes the database backup and site files.

To restore your website from a backup, use the Migrate DotNetNuke tool. The next video will demonstrate the migrate tool.

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