Control Suite Orientation

Control Suite Orientation
We developed the Control Suite to make managing servers and DotNetNuke websites easy. To use it, log into your server via Remote Desktop then double click on the Control Suite icon. The username and password are provided for you; so select Log In and accept the terms of service.
The Control Suite’s layout has different panes that perform specific functions. Use the left navigation tree to work with a server, service or tool. To expand a menu item, click on the triangle next to it or double click on the item itself.
The icons that are available in the commands ribbon  depend on your location in the navigation tree. The info pane displays website and server health and status information. The option pane lets you change a domain’s settings. The output pane supplies feedback about commands you run. The main window lets you dialog with Control Suite about a command you have chosen.
Through the left navigation tree, Control Suite gives you access to the most commonly used accounts and logins. Right click on Plesk and you can use Control Suite to automatically log into the Plesk Panel Admin account.
Right click on a DotNetNuke installation and you can login as Host, explore the site files, and view the site.
Choose a specific user and you have the option of retrieving or changing the password or both.
Now that you are familiar with Control Suite, the next topic is using Control Suite to install DotNetNuke.
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