How to Manage Your Windows 2008 Dedicated Server

How to Use Your Dedicated Server
The following videos give an introduction on how to use a dedicated server.  Note: Clicking on the links below will download the videos for playback. 

Introduction to Plesk 9.5
  1. Logging in to Plesk via a browser on any Internet-connected machine
  2. Logging in to a dedicated server using Remote Desktop
  3. Logging in to Plesk on the dedicated server 
  4. How to create a client account
  5. How to set resource limits at the client level and choose client permissions
  6. Assigning a shared IP address to a client account
  7. How to create a domain
  8. How to enable services on the domain
  9. How to set limits on the domain 

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Length: 7:06

Create Custom Nameservers and a Temporary Alias

  1. How to purchase a domain with a registrar
  2. How to register a nameserver
  3. Make necessary changes in Plesk
  4. Create a temporary alias for testing domains prior to going live on server

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Length: 8:15

Overview of Plesk Features
  1. How to create mail accounts
  2. How to modify web hosting settings
  3. How to add a domain alias
  4. DNS Settings tool's ability to change or add MX and PTR records
  5. Use of File Manager to access site files
  6. How to create and schedule backups
  7. Plesk access to database and database user
  8. How to access the Summary Report and how Plesk calculates disk usage 
  9. Where to install an SSL certificate and how to get a dedicated IP address for the certificate

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Length: 3:30

Introduction to Control Suite and Installation of DNN to a New Domain
  1. How to get a new DNN package
  2. How to perform a new installation of DNN
  3. How to create an FTP Dump location for migration of existing sites 

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Length: 4:55

Common Control Suite Tasks

  1. Migration of a Site to Dedicated Server and Upgrade of that Site
  2. Location of Control Suite's backups
  3. Extraction of migration files to backup folder
  4. Creation of a domain in Plesk
  5. Migration of domain
  6. When the Clone tool is used
  7. How to upgrade an existing site
  8. What the Site Optimizer tool does
  9. Purpose of Fix Permissions tool
  10. Repair IIS feature and why it is not to be used with custom IIS configurations

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Length: 9:23

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