How to Create a Mail Administrator in Plesk

How to Create a Mail Administrator in Plesk
If you have a dedicated server, you may want to provide others with the opportunity to manage part of the server. In our environment, we use the Plesk Control Panel to manage the hosting environment. It interfaces with the SmarterMail server. However, it is a one-way communication. Changes made in Plesk are reflected in SmarterMail, but changes made in the webmail interface of SmarterMail are not pushed back to Plesk. Therefore, if a user is created using the webmail interface of SmarterMail, Plesk will not know of that user and can not make a backup of the user's mail. To avert this problem, create a MailAdmin user role within Plesk, so all new mail accounts are generated in Plesk and reflected in SmarterMail.
If you are a shared hosting customer and need this feature, please contact Support for assistance.
In Plesk 11 & 12 (This feature is not available for Plesk 9.5 users.)
  1. Log into your server via Remote Desktop (or open a browser and go to https://ServerIPAddress:8443).
  2. Log into Plesk.
  3. Choose Subscription > the subscription you want to create a mail administrator.
  4. Click on Users.
  5. Choose User Roles.
  6. Click Create User Role.

  7. Specify a User role name.
  8. Grant the user rights to Create and manage mail accounts and Create and manage mailing lists.
  9. Click OK.

    Mail Admin
  10. Choose the User Accounts tab.
  11. Click Create User Account.
  12. In the Contact Name field, type the user's name.
  13. Type their mailbox username or specify an external email address.
  14. In the User role drop down field choose the MailAdmin role you just created.
  15. Specify which subscriptions this user will be the mail administrator for.
  16. Type and confirm a Password.
  17. Click OK.

    Create User Account
  18. When the new mail administrator is ready to log in, open a browser and type https://ServerIPAddress:8443.
  19. Log in with the email address and password specified when creating the account.

    Mail Admin Login
  20. The new mail administrator will have a panel with just the tabs and rights specified when creating the role.

    Mail Admin Panel

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