How to Set Minimum Password Requirements in SmarterMail

Set Minimum Password Requirements in SmarterMail   
Spam is often the result of a compromised email account. When mail users choose names or words commonly found in dictionaries for their password, spammers can easily take over the account. The steps below outline how to modify the existing password requirements in SmarterMail servers.
  1. Log into the SmarterMail server using one of the methods below.
    • Open a browser and type the IP address of the server with :9998 appended to the end and use admin and the server's password to log in.
    • Using the Control Suite, right click on the SmarterMail server to Log in as Admin.
  2. ​Click on Settings > expand Advanced Settings > click Password Requirements.

    Security Password Requirements
  3. Specify your new password requirements.

    New SmarterMail Password Requirements
  4. By not checking the Disable password strength for existing users you require the user to modify their password the next time they log in. The user will receive the following prompt.

    Change Password
By establishing a strong password policy it is less likely that email accounts on your server will be compromised.

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