How to Migrate Mail from a Mail Server to SmarterMail via a POP/IMAP Import

How to Use the SmarterMail Mailbox Migration Tool
When migrating mail from another mail server, individual users can use the SmarterMail mailbox migration tool to import existing mail and other data to their new SmarterMail account. Prior to pulling the data in, the domain and mail user must be created in Plesk. Supply the user with their new SmarterMail email account and password.
  1. Log into SmarterMail.
    1. In a browser type or (or the server's IP address:9998 if the domain is not yet live on the new server).
    2. Supply the Email Address and Password of the email account you are using to pull your mail into.​

      SmarterMail login screen
  2. Once logged in, click on Settings > expand Advanced Settings > Mailbox Migration.

    SmarterMail Mailbox Migration
  3. Select the account type from the drop down menu. Click Next.

    Mailbox Migration Account Type
  4. Choose which items you want to import. Not all items will be available for all of the mail servers listed. Click Next.

    select items to migrate
  5. Enter the Username and Password of the account you are bringing to SmarterMail; choose Test Connection.

    test connection
  6. Click Start.

    Migration Summary
Your email messages, contacts, etc. should import to your new mail account based on the settings you chose.

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