How to Sync SmarterMail Passwords Changed in Webmail Interface to Plesk

How to Sync SmarterMail Passwords Changed in Webmail Interface to Plesk
Attention: There is currently a known issue with the 'Sync Smartermail Passwords to Plesk' feature in the Control Suite which will cause email aliases to be removed during the process. If you plan to use this feature as a Dedicated Server customer, please first make sure that you do not have email aliases set for email addresses within Plesk. If you do have aliases, you can take note of them and re-add them once the password sync is complete.
Because the communication between Plesk and SmarterMail is one-way, changes made in Plesk are reflected within SmarterMail. However, changes made in SmarterMail are not pushed back to Plesk. For example, when a user logs into their SmarterMail webmail account and changes their password, SmarterMail is aware of the password change but Plesk is not. Thus, if a backup of the domain/subscription is taken that includes mail and then the site’s mail is reverted to the backed up version, the passwords are reset to Plesk’s vision of the credentials. When the user tries to log in after the backup was restored, his password does not work. This problem can also occur when a domain with mail is being migrated from one server to another.
Control Suite has a tool that can be used to copy the passwords from the SmarterMail database to Plesk's database. It is called Sync SmarterMail Passwords to Plesk. It is run on a per-server basis, meaning that all user passwords on the SmarterMail server will be pushed to the Plesk database. Prior to migrating the mail to the new server, click the Sync SmarterMail Passwords to Plesk tool in Control Suite.
If you are a shared hosting customer who is migrating your website and mail to a new server within our environment, our technicians will take care of the process for you. If you are a dedicated server customer and will be migrating your sites to your new server yourself, prior to taking a Plesk backup, do the following:
  1. Log into your dedicated server using Remote Desktop.
  2. Double click on the Control Suite icon on the server's desktop.
  3. Log in using the default credentials.
  4. In the left navigation tree click SmarterMail x.x.
  5. In the command ribbon choose Sync SmarterMail Passwords to Plesk.
    Sync SmarterMail Passwords to Plesk
  6. Control Suite will retrieve the SmarterMail passwords for all of the SmarterMail accounts on the server and will copy them to the appropriate users within Plesk.
  7. Once the operation has completed, log into Plesk and create your backup of your site and mail to migrate to your new server.

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